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Recently we traveled to California for a 10 day vacation.  We visited Disneyland (twice), San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Monica & Venice Beach.  Traveling with 4 people, two of them being tiny humans, adds up to a whole lot of shit...I mean stuff!  We tried our absolute best to minimize what we brought as almost all the places we stayed had a washer & drier but we still had so many things. 

Although Z is still a small nugget & E could go without a stroller for the most part we decided to bring along our small umbrella stroller vs the double stroller.  Since we knew we were headed to Disney for two full days, going without a stroller just wasn't an option.  But traveling in a car with the double stroller and all of our luggage didn't seem to a good option either.  

At first thought I was terrified.  How were we going to go for 10 days being out and about and only have room in the stroller for one nugget!?!  I packed 3 baby wearing options. And boy am I glad I did!  Everyone took their turn holding Z & E even got into the sling twice.  Gotta love skinny little boys!  Having one light weight umbrella stroller was a solid choice.  

You would think being gone for 10 days we would have some amazing pictures to share and of course we've got some.  But M and I found we were so busy in the moment, and with both our families in town we didn't capture nearly as many as we had hoped.  Just means we need to take another trip soon so we can be better at capturing in the moment know practice makes perfect.  But until then, here are a few from our last trip!

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