We absolutely love to travel.  And we decided to grow our family we knew we didn’t want our travel life to stop.  So we have just adapted to traveling with lots of extra stuff!  M, E & I have made several trips since E was only 4 months old.  With all our traveling we have created a list of tips that help us out along the way.  

1. Stay calm.  I know that sounds easier to say than do.  But trust us, becoming frustrated or angry really solves nothing and only creates more chaos in your traveling day.  Deep breaths help!

2. Bring a water bottle filled with water.  You can bring water through security till your little one is 4!  We have always found this helpful, whether E get’s thirsty or we do, it’s one less thing we’ve got to deal with once through security.

3. Be polite.  Be polite even to people who are not to you. Yes, I know all your good parents taught you this when you were growing up, but sometimes traveling with a toddler can push your buttons making being polite difficult.  This helps with staying calm!

4.Invest in a backpack for your carseat.  We have almost always needed our carseat when traveling with E and lugging it through the airport is no easy task.  Plus, checking your carseat just isn’t an option for us, not knowing how they are going to treat his seat or even damage it isn’t a risk we want to take.

5. Smile.  Appear happy even if your not.  You’d be surprise how many people smile back.

6. Make eye contact with people.  We’ve always found that making eye contact with the people around you before getting on to the plane and during the flight is always a plus.  That way they at least recognize that you’re aware they are there too and trying your best to have a good flight too!

7. Wear comfortable clothing.  When traveling with kids you tend to get to the airport early and need to entertain before boarding.  Running shoes come in handy when chasing around your little one!

8. Bring a bag full of entertainment.   

9. Check your stroller at the gate.  Make sure to get a ticket from the attendant before boarding.  Otherwise your stroller will be checked and walking through the airport without a stroller isn’t aways fun!

10. Board last!  Yes, last.  Give your little one time to run around before they need to sit for so long. 

11. Bring your carseat on the plane.  I know this sounds like a pain.  But it’s actually pretty awesome.  All our kids are use to being in the carseat and having to stay strapped in.  The carseat creates a sense of familiarity.  And actually gives you a chance to be hands free for some of the flight! 

Happy traveling!

much love-


traveling tips with toddlers!