mom wife foodie is a lifestyle blog set to inspire you through food, fashion, family and our personal lifestyle. I hope to bring inspiration to people through our real life stories. 


For years I talked about having my own little space of the internet where the everyday loves in my life could be a source for inspiration to everyone. In the summer of 2014 I left my teaching position to be a SAHM, followed my passion and started mom wife foodie.  Now, after a 10 year love affair with the Windy City, we've moved back to the mitten (Michigan for those who aren't aware) to be closer to family and plant roots of our own.

I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays = mom posts, Wednesdays = wife posts and Fridays = foodie posts. So what does that really look like?  Well, every Monday my content is geared towards motherhood and family.  On Wednesdays you’ll see anything from fashion and travel to home decor!  Fridays are food based...the best days of all!  All of my recipes are my own - with occasional inspiration from some of my favorite chefs and bloggers. I try to keep all my recipes simple, easy and everyday friendly...perfect for busy moms and wives everywhere.

I hope you love mom wife foodie as much as I love creating it. If ever you have a question, or simply want to connect, you can reach out to me here or through my social media channels linked below. 

much love-