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shelving: ikea | number baskets: land of nod | wicker baskets: ikea | rug: west elm | kitchen: kidkraft | kitchen accessories: pottery barn kids | table: melissa and doug | paint easel: melissa and doug

One of my absolute favorite places in our house is our playroom. Maybe it's because I feel like all the magic happens in here. E has such an imagination and is able to jump right into his world inside the walls of our playroom with LOTS of toys to help us along the way! When we started the renovation on our house we knew we needed play areas for our boys. And we know toys make their way out into other parts of our home but we wanted them to have a space where they could play without making us feel like we no longer had adult space. The playroom has done just that.

Organization is key! Everything in this room has a place and home. Without this I'm sure the playroom would be a hot mess and extremely difficult to play in. For us, organization started with baskets and shelving. I love the baskets because you can fit so many toys inside one basket and they easily slide inside the shelving space. In our shelving unit E can reach the first 3 shelves all on his own. We worked to organize in a way that E was able to play and clean up after (with our help of course). I feel books are always an important part in play and development, so we have 3 shelves open to rotating books. Throughout the day we read books.  E even has some that he likes to read!

Pretend play is a great part of our everyday play right now, so we made sure E had easy access to his pretend play clothing. Putting them inside a basket just wasn't working. We used a bathroom towel rack and kid hangers to create a solid pretend clothing closet out in the open! E still can't hang items back up but we're getting there. By having the clothing out for him to see we are finding he uses them more often and our play changes from day to day...which I love.  

The kitchen in the playroom was a big addition this past Christmas (thank you Santa!). We have several bins in our shelving unit for food (the number bins). Next to the kitchen we have a wired bin filled with some food items that E uses on a normal bases for easy access. The pots, pans and cooking utensils have a special place on a rack hanging next to the kitchen. E has mastered taking them down and even puts them back from time to time!

We have a smaller table that is utilized for all different kinds of play throughout the day. E likes to use it for the kitchen area, building, putting together puzzles and coloring. Sometimes I even find him snacking at the table! Behind the table we have a painting easel that gets more use than I even thought it would.  We have started to add art work and our first find was the playroom sign, which I loved, but it was bright red when we bought it. M took all the letters off and painted it white to go with our room.  We plan to add a wire drying rack for all the boys painting creations and a few other pieces of art to help keep the room light and bright!

Our playroom continues to change. We find on a monthly bases we need to rotate bins out for optimal playing. We bring toys from the top of the shelving unit to the bottom.  We take toys that are in the boys room and bring them back into the playroom and toys that are in the basement come back into rotation. I am always working on organizing the room to keep it easy for E to keep straight on his own. Big trucks live on the floor parked behind the chair so I don't see them as soon as we walk in! We try to keep the rule that no more than 3 bins of toys can be out at a time. This just helps with play space, as the playroom isn't super big and if too many toys are out then playing isn't really happening.



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playroom, basket, home decor, toy story toys, paint easel, numbered bins, toy storage
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