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Well we’re deep into summer! And for us here in the midwest that means making the absolute most out of our outdoor time as humanly possible. Yes, I pretty much like to eat every single meal outside, let my kids run around like crazies, bring out the kiddie pools, sprinklers and water balloons. Not to mention grill, have outdoor get-togethers and this year we’ve attempted some outdoor movies! We are all about the outdoors and living in them while we can! 

So of course we needed to take on a fun summer project to make our backyard feel magical all summer long....we added lights! And you guys these lights are seriously magical. I'll let Michael tell you how simple this task was and how happy it has made me and all of our neighbors too!✨

how to install outdoor lights
how to install outdoor lights

Yup, this project is pretty simple for most any skill level. First, decide where you want to hang your lights and measure the distance between multiple points. For us that meant measuring the distance between our garage and fence. Once I knew the distance of that point, I compared with the length of the light strands and calculated how many strands (and connection points) I would need.

Once the lights were delivered I took a trip to my local Home Depot (home away from home) to purchase my project list. This included 3 - 8ft 4x4 posts, 6 large metal hooks, pebble rocks and 3 bags of fence post mix.

I started by marking where I wanted to install my 3 posts and began digging holes with a post hole digger. Once the hole was 20in deep I dropped in some pebbles, placed the post and filled the hole with the fence post mix (a foam type concrete mix). The pebbles allow the mix to grab to something other than dirt and will ensure the post stays in place for a long time. Before the foam dried I used my level to get each side of the post level. Repeat steps for each post.

how to install outdoor lights

Once the posts were secure I began installing my light strands. I recommend connecting them all together, and were they plug into each other, form a knot, plug in and tape thoroughly with electrical tape (this will keep them connected and protect from rain or snow). Then install your hooks at all connection points where the lights will change direction back and fourth, and begin hanging them. Once your pattern is made begin securing the light strands to hooks with zip ties (keeps everything in place during any weather conditions). Then screw in your lightbulb - be sure to save this as the last step to avoid any broken bulbs!

Plug in and enjoy. We chose to plug our lights into a WeMo Mini Smart Plug that is connected via wifi and powered by our phones!

installing lights, how to install outdoor lights, outdoor lighting
little helpers, kids help outdoor lights
little helpers, outdoor help

So yeah, our backyard is pretty amazing. I love it and hope you create a little extra love in yours too!

much love-



how to install outdoor lights
how to install outdoor lights
how to install outdoor lights
How to do make your backyard magical, how to install outdoor lights, out door lighting, kids movie night