how to create the perfect appetizer board

This post is sponsored by Farm Rich. All thoughts are my own. Visit your local grocery store to pick up Farm Rich snacks for game day!

When it comes to get togethers with friends and family, entertaining is right up there on my list of favorite things to do! I love the quality time we get to spend with loved ones this time of year. As many of you know I am a huge Spartan fan, go green💚! I love watching my team, cheering them on and being able to sit in my own house, warm and dry and not have to wait in line to go to the bathroom! You know it’s the little perks in life. The other thing I love about football season (and basketball season) is TAILGATING! But seeing how I love being home more than that we like to create our our tailgate, homegate style over here, that’s a thing…right ?!? We’ve partnered with Farm Rich because they help us make the most of their time together with their wide variety of wholesome and easy-to-prepare frozen foods that are ready for me to serve in minutes. And that’s a for sure win in my book #HomegatingHero !

how to create the perfect appetizer board

So here’s some simple and ridiculously easy ways to make ‘homegate’ happen in your house starting with how to create the perfect appetizer board without breaking a sweat! Oh and you can totally invite all your friends and family too!  

  1. Use a large serving plater. I like to use white because it makes all the food stand out.
  2. Simple and easy is the name of the game. Farm Rich is where it’s at here you guys. Not only are they one of America’s favorite snack and appetizer brands, they’re offering the best snacks for game day “homegate” and there’s not much work in it for you! You can find your inner #HomegatingHero too.
  3. Decorate your board: You can make your appetizer board look extra fancy. This one is easy -for me, I love using fresh herbs. Here I used oregano with Mozzarella Sticks, parsley with Cheese Curds and chives with the Loaded Potato Skins.
  4. Give your plate some crunch: Fresh vegetables always do the trick and they add to the flavor profile and give some color to the board too! I used tomatoes and celery, carrots would be a perfect addition as well.
  5. Add dipping sauces! Everyone likes to dip. I used marinara, greek yogurt and ranch. 
how to create the perfect appetizer board
how to create the perfect appetizer board

I am always looking for those quick solutions for snacks and appetizers when getting together with friends and family. Farm Rich helped put together their solid line up for our game day fun! No need to stress any more about our event, just sit and enjoy your time together and dig in with this perfect appetizer board. I promise there’s something in here for everyone!

Go Green!

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how to create the perfect appetizer board
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