husband and wife, little black dress, shirt and tie, date night

With Valentine's Day quickly coming upon us there's a lot of buzz around love!😍So let's get on board over here too. But of course in typical last minute style I've put together a list for those of you who are last minute planners too, and going out to eat just isn´t an option.

date night ideas! husband and wife, little black dress, shirt and tie, date night
  1. Dress Up: There's just something fun about pulling out a dress & a tie to turn up any evening in. Try it! We always feel like dressing up helps set the mood. I love the idea of dressing up around the holiday - maybe because I don't dress up much during my everyday routine. I also know that adding dresses to my wardrobe means they aren't going to get a ton of use so picking carefully is important. Of course you know this mama loves her some black, so naturally I've got one LBD to showcase here from Pinkblush. Michael is rockin' a classic mens wool skinny tie from Dapper.
  2. Charcuterie & Wine: This is so simple to pull together last minute, plus if you get enough it can totally be a full meal. With two little dudes helping us celebrate love before bed we love to add goodies for them on the board too! 🍷 Oh, and if you didn't get a chance to hit the store just send him out! I mean it's Valentine's Day, right?
  3. Chocolate: Come on now it's V Day so let's cave a little and celebrate with some chocolate (dark for me of course). If you really want to turn it up a notch, make some chocolate martinis for dessert. 🍫🍸
  4. Carry Out: Who doesn't love dinner brought right to your door! Get crazy and order a heart shaped pizza for you and your love! β™₯πŸ•
  5. Movie & Popcorn: Get comfy and cozy on your own sofa and rent a movie you've been wanting to see!
husband and wife, little black dress, shirt and tie, date night
godiva, chocolates, martinis, chocolate martinis
red lipstick, little black dress

Let's celebrate love together this Valentine's Day and everyday after that. Because love is the answer. Love always wins. β™₯β™₯β€πŸ«πŸ•πŸΈ

much love-



little black dress, long sleeve black dress, red lipstick
dapper tie, homemade tie, mens wear, white button down
meat & cheese tray perfect for date nights in.
olives, meat, cheese
chocolate martini and candy
kid olive fingers
date night out, little black dress, red lipstick, tie, dapper men
charcuterie for date nights in