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I love fashion. Everything about it. Although as I've become engrossed into motherhood I can clearly see how fashion can slip right away from you! With the long winter months we've got here it makes it even easier to slip into sweats and a sweatshirt and call it a day. Earlier this month we chatted about how to get out of your fashion rut and today we’re chatting about some secrets we've got to keep our fashion alive as a mamas too. I've teamed up with my girlfriend Kris, from Motherhood in Stilettos to hopefully give you some insight into our style secrets! You can check out some of her rad fashion posts here and here too! 

mom, style, girlfriends, winter style, mom style, fashion,
mom, style, girlfriends, winter style, womens style, mom fashion, keeping your style, mommy fashion,
  1. Dress for the occasion - This couldn't be more true for having kids. Know what your day is going to entail to make sure you can handle it with what you've got on. 
  2. Shoes matter - Yes if it's snowy you've got to wear boots or if you’re running around all day sneakers are probably a good option. The best part about shoes is there are so many choices out there for you to choose from.
  3. Basics work - I love love love basics! When adding to your wardrobe make sure you have some serious solid basics to pick from. These can be wardrobe staples that you can wear alone or layer on layer on layer.
  4. Wanting to be trendy - Look to Zara new in for inspiration.
  5. Loving the classics - Check out Banana Republic’s new arrivals
  6. Needing one more site to keep your fashion ideas flowing - ASOS is perfect for that too! 
  7. Accessories are a girl's best friend - You can immediately amp up your look with a hat, some arm candy, or a gorgeous bag with a pop of color. 
  8. Experiment with your style - Have fun with your clothes and try a new trend. There's no better time to be a mom then when it comes to fashion. The athleisure trend is still going strong!

much love-

danielle & kris


mom, style, girlfriends, winter style, mom fashion, outfit of the day, mommy fashion, mommy style,
mom, style, girlfriends, winter style, mommy style, fashion, keeping your style as a mom,
winter fashion, mom, style, girlfriends, winter style, keeping your style, finding your style, fashion as a mom, style as a mom, mommy fashion, hip style for moms,