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Well, it's official...we've entered into the grip hold! You know the one when you little figures out they can hold onto something and then never lets go? Yep, that's going on in this house. It ranges from grabbing onto anything dangerous like plugs, outlets and tables that could fall over to all of E's toys, our laptop and of course my hair. Z absolutely loves my hair. So now I resort to putting it up all of the time - or - wearing around a hair tie to put it up at any moment.

I know anyone with hair long enough to put up feels me on this one...the moment you're out and desperately want to put your hair up but can't! Or let's talk about when you are out with a hair tie on your wrist looking like you're in middle school. I know you feel me on that one. I recently discovered Bela Bracelets Hair Tie Bracelets. These bracelets are so rad and practical. The hair tie just slides on to the bracelet hiding the fact that you are actually wearing your hair tie around your wrist. I love them, and the fact that they come in 3 colors makes this mama oh so happy. You guys need to check them out!

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