Eeeekk!!! I am so incredibly excited to announce that Michael and I are launching our podcast today! Yes, this is the secret that we have been holding close for the past several weeks and you guys it's going to be...real good! After more than two years here on mom wife foodie we've decided to take on something new. So get you booty over to iTunes and subscribe to our podcast - the first two episodes are available today! 

Each week we will talk to you about different things happening in our everyday life, whether it be centered around family, relationships, business, or all of the above.  As Michael says it best, maybe it will motivate. Perhaps it will entertain. But we'll always promise you 100% unfiltered and real talk. We're so looking forward to connecting with you weekly there. So stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for weekly announcements along with a new sponsors we've got coming up! 

And if you like what you hear, all we ask is for you to share the love with someone else. 

Thank you all so much for the support over these past couple years. We owe this to each and every one of you. 

Much love-