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A few weeks ago, I got the sweetest text message from one of my dearest friends. It simply stated 'Hey!!! Miss you!! Wanted to remind you that you are an awesome mom!! xoxo'. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. I was having one of those nights (ok, days) where I was ready to be done parenting at about 4:30 and M was busy with work. It got me thinking how those small little reminders from friends really do make a huge impact on our lives. I went from wanting to cry to feeling like I could tackle the rest of the night all on my own! I was inspired and decided to send a very similar message to some of my close mama friends! We are all in this crazy wild ride of motherhood together, so why not support each other while we're at it! I encourage you all to send that unexpected text to your mama friends reminding them that they are awesome! 

much love-