breastfeeding in public tips and tricks from a seasoned mom!

Your baby starts to cry, you're out and about, you try everything you can think of to help your little out, knowing ultimately that your little is just plain out starving.  Your heart starts pounding, you didn't bring a bottle and you've got to breastfeed in public! We've all been there before can't be just me. I swear when I had E the thought of breastfeeding when outside the comforts of my own home made my palms sweat! I was a nervous reck.  How would I make it happen?  Could I just whip out my boob? Are people going to stare?  These were all pretty common thoughts I had every time I found myself needing to feed in public.

As I became more comfortable breastfeeding at home nursing in public got a lot easier. With my second little now five months old, and a little toddler running around alongside, nursing in public happens more regularly than not. I thought I'd put together a few secrets I have to make nursing in public a whole lot easier.

1. Dress for success: nursing friendly tops are the key. There are many great options out there from real nursing tops to just button downs. This makes getting yourself ready to feed easier.  

2. Tank tops or camis: let's be honest, nursing tops are expensive and wearing a button down everyday, especially with warm weather, just isn't always an option. Wearing a tank or cami under your shirt is the perfect way to lift up without showing your whole belly.  I like ones that I can just pull down the top of the shirt and unlatch my bra.

3. Nursing bras: yes this just makes your life easier.

4. Scarf: looking for a little extra coverage? Grab a light weight's all you need. Just throw it over your shoulder and your little's head is covered as they feed. This is also useful for the super distracted feeder!

5. Use your shirt: if you're layering shirts with a tank it is easy to keep the top shirt over your boob to prevent from showing the world your nipple! 

6. Stay calm: you've done this a million times at home. Breastfeeding is completely normal, and the calmer you are the easier it is on you and your babe!

7. Ignore and smile: I've found it's best to ignore what other people around you are doing as you try to start nursing. Aim your focus on making sure your little is attaching and getting the food they need. Once you're all set up feel free to make eye contact with others around you and just smile.  

Hoping all you mamas out there find as much success to breastfeeding in public as I have.

much love-



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