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watch: jord c/o | kimono: pink blush c/o | shorts: gap | top: division street boutique | sandals: lucky 

Since having kids I literally feel like I have a giant clock standing in front of me all day & I am watching time just fly by. As a kid or even a college student I can remember just waiting for time to pass so I could do something else, ready to take on the next adventure. Now with two littles I would give anything for time to just stand still...even for 5 minutes. With a new found outlook on life, I look for ways to make every moment count. Here's a short list to being aware and making the time we have together count.

  1. Stay in the moment: Be present. It's so simple, right? But with all the technology and social media outlets in our lives sometimes staying in the moment can get lost. Focusing on having time with just our family is important.
  2. Meal times matter: We make it a point to have family meals everyday. This is our time to be together as a family and talk about our day, listen to each other and plan out what we are going to do together next. 
  3. Bedtime: This is the perfect time to make connections with our little dudes. We rotate nights, giving both boys individual attention from us. The nightly conversations and story time, plus extra cuddles make the moments worth it.
  4. Schedule: As lame as that might sound planning time is so important. It allows us to make every moment count. Being aware of our time together and how we spend it is essential to a happy and healthy life.
  5. Specialness in everyday: It's true. Everyday has some moment of time worthy of being noted. As a family we make it a point to find the specialness in the day and celebrate that together.
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With littles, every moment counts. You know you can't wait too long to eat or go too far passed bedtime otherwise we're talking about some serious meltdowns...can we say HANGRY! Time is of the essence & having a wrist watch that fits my lifestyle has been a top priority. This rad Fieldcrest in Dark Sandalwood watch from Jord Wood Watches is where it's at! Not only is their women's watch collection timeless - which I love oh so much - the watches are built to fit our modern lifestyle. I don't need to worry about this watch scratching or breaking when playing with my little dudes. I was amazed at how lightweight the watch is and love that I barely notice its on, yet it consistently helps keep me present in the moment with my life! I am slightly obsessed with the finish on all their ladies watches! JORD builds watches not just for people with somewhere to be but for people with somewhere to go! 

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I am fortunate enough to share this amazing collection with one of my readers! I've teamed up with JORD Wood Watches for a giveaway contest. Simply sign up here to be entered to win a $75 e-voucher. The best part about this giveaway is even if you don't win you do, everyone else who enters (excluding the winner) will get a $20 e-voucher card that can be applied to any watch on their website! The contest will close 7.4.16 at 11:59 pm. Good luck!

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kimono outfit with wood watch shorts. Perfect way to make time count