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There is something special about just getting your friends together at your own house and hanging. It’s an added bonus when all the kids play well together and your husbands actually likes each other! We feel pretty fortune to have found this friend group since moving to Michigan.

Last week we had our first summer get together of the season at our house. It was full of laughs, fun, food, drinks, a few tears (you know…kids) & we ended the night with an outdoor movie…more on that fun later!

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But let’s focus on how to throw the perfect get together without stressing out or breaking the bank!

  1. Options // you’ve got to have options for all your guests. We like to have food, drinks, and social options. This time we partnered with Ocean Spray® to give us the expertly crafted Mocktails to theme our party setting. It was so simple pairing all three of their great flavors with many food options. We even had a ‘Mock-Tales’ moment where we all talked about different tips to motherhood and words of encouragement we each received from our mamas…because we all know we can learn from each other! Look out for more on that soon.
  2. Plan ahead // Planning for all your options is the key to success. We know weather can be unpredictable so know what you’re going to do if it rains. Plan what you’re having to eat and drink before the day of your get together. I like to layout all my trays and label them with post-it notes so I know exactly what is going to go on them. This is the easiest way to have anyone help you if you get in a last minute crunch! I do the same for cooking instructions. That way anyone can help out if we get in a jam.
  3. Food // Clearly this is an important part to any get together we throw. I am a big fan of picking out what I want to make and letting each of our friends add to the fun. I also like all things that are simple and easy to make ahead of time. No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen all day before a get together. For this party we did a meat and cheese tray, veggies and hummus, local smoked fish dip & pizza. Each of our guests added something to our spread.
  4. Drinks // You’ve got to pair food with drinks! Since we were dealing with parents & kids at the same time Ocean Spray® created the perfect choice. All three drink choices are made with real fruit & only 90 calories…in case you’re counting! Plus there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives making that a for sure win win! 
  5. Set the mood // Not every party has to have a theme but you want to set the mood for your get together right off the bat. For us we wanted to have a vibrant full of life event that felt special, yet something everyday at the same time. So to achieve that we simply held our get-together outside under the lights we’ve hung in the backyard. And I am really not kidding that having our three mocktails to choose from helped set the mood. Talk about the perfect kid-friendly lifestyle, while still having fun as adults!

A big thank you to Ocean Spray® for Sponsoring this post!


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