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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TempTraq. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here we are back in the swing of things! Enzo is in preschool two days a week and Ziggy gets to experience all the back-to-school germs right along with him 🙈 these poor little dudes. He's at the stage where just about everything goes into his mouth so you feel me...right!

Tell me you've been here before...your little isn't feeling well and you turn into this crazy person checking their temperature about 18 million times before they go to bed, just to make sure it hasn't gone up. Then you've got your second little and that poor little isn't even sick and here you are checking their temp too 😳 just to be sure you've got everything covered. 

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So in case you've got this issue or any back-to-school germs going around your house I've put together a short list to help keep you sane! 

  1. Watch for signs:  My littles are not the best at communicating when they aren't feeling so hot. The best way for me to stay on top is to watch their behavior to see if they show any signs of not feeling well.
  2. monitor fevers:  What better way to know that your little is safe than with a Temperature Monitor?!? And one that links to your phone 🙌 , sending you alerts when your little's temperature hits an alert level that you get to set. Talk about AMAZING! No more need to check 1,000 times. This bad boy continuously monitors your littles temperature's versus just one temperature reading. Added bonus - it tracks when your little eats, drinks or takes medicine!
  3. Keep everyone in your circle informed:  When dealing with littles being sick the last thing you need is for everyone to be stressed and worried. When you use the TempTraq it will send temperature information to your doctors & family members all on it's own! Yes to one less thing you've got to remember!

Let's just talk for a minute about how this ridiculously cool wearable Bluetooth® temperature monitor works. It comes with an underarm area adhesive bandage that is easy to get on and off your little (no latex rubber here) 👏 !!!  It will record data for up to 24 hours to either an Apple® or Android™ compatible mobile device through the free TempTraq app. But my favorite part is they conveniently monitor multiple TempTraq patches simultaneously, perfect for families with more than one kid. Now that I've made your life just a little bit simpler you can Buy TempTraq now and thank me later. 😘

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