Let's start April with one more solid reading post. How to foster the love for reading in your house...even if you aren't a big reader yourself! Teaching your kids how to love reading isn’t rocket science you guys! We can all do this. Teaching the love for reading starts at home. There are some simple and easy things we can do to help instill the love of reading with all kids.

Scatter books everywhere - Yes, I really mean everywhere. Kids are little sponges and if they see books all around the house they will notice. This is easy to do. We’ve got books in our living room in baskets or on the end tables (both kids and adult), books in the playroom, in our office and all of our bedrooms. Our bookshelves have both kids and adult books, our kitchen has cookbooks of course and upstairs we’ve got books on our nightstand and in the boys room. Making books visible is important!

Read books for yourself - Like I said before kids are sponges and they notice things. If you read a magazine, blog article or a book your kids are sure to notice. They are more likely to mimic these behaviors too!

Read to your kids (no matter what age they are) - Reading to you kids is essential. You are the perfect role model. Reading to you kids introduces new vocabulary, demonstrates fluency (how smoothly you read), expression and all kinds of new conversations. Not to mention reading helps set routines in your life and let’s be honest routines with kids are good things! All too often I hear that once kids become readers parents stop reading to them. You guys please don’t stop reading to them. You can read them chapter books that are just too hard for them, giving your child the chance to take in the book, work on their visualization skills, learn new vocabulary and continue to open up conversations. And if you're anything like me I’ll take any conversation I can get!

Find you kids interest - This one couldn’t be more important. To instill and foster the love of reading we have got to find books in which our children are interested in. There is no way that I am going to continue or even pick up a book to read that I am not interested in. Make sure that doesn’t happen for you kids either. 

Pick books that are just right - When it comes to picking books for kids to read you’ve got to pick ones that are just right for them. Make sure the book isn’t too hard! Seriously no one wants to read a book they have to decode or look up the meaning of words every few minutes. Repeat reading is totally ok and a few difficult words are no big deal. But if you’ve got more than 5 words that you don’t know or can’t decode on a chapter book page or more than 5 on the first few pages of a picture book, that book is just not right! 

And if you’re thirsty for more tips, check out this post on how to make your kid a reader! 

Happy reading!📚📖

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