homemade valentines day cards

There is just something special and really sweet to me about homemade cards from kids. Yes, I completely understand that means you’ve got to find time to do them. The best way we’ve found to make this work is to start early and do cards that can be done in parts over time. Our boys are big fans of the paint and run. 

So for these cards I’ve made it beyond simple. This is our second year making them with Enzo and first for Ziggy and let me tell you they are a big hit over here.

What You Need:

  • Paint - I love crayons because that stuff is really washable! 
  • Sponges 
  • Scissors
  • Plates - we use plastic ones that I can be washed and reused every time we paint
  • Big Paper - this year we went with poster board but construction paper works well too!
homemade valentines day cards
homemade valentines day cards

Simple steps to make card creating fun and seamless for everyone involved!

  1. Pre-cut sponges into heart shapes. We also used XO
  2. Lay out paper onto a work area.
  3. Pick one color of paint to work with at a time and put the paint on to the plate.
  4. Stamp the sponge into the paint making sure it covers the whole sponge. Stamp all over the paper you’ve got out.
  5. Switch colors and repeat!
  6. The best part is you can do this over time. So if your little just isn’t feeling it, just let the paper dry and come back to it.
  7. Once paint is dry, cut out into any card shape you’d like and don’t forget to sign your name. You can also add some sweet sayings to the card and any additional fun you think of!

Happy card making 

Much love-



homemade valentines day cards
homemade valentines day cards