Michael and I have done a lot of goal setting and passion planning since the beginning of the year...yes, in case you missed that one you can check it out here! One topic that seemed to come up over and over again on both of our lists, sheets, goals and passion planners was embracing what is going on in our life right now. The absolute craziness that comes with having two toddlers. The tornados 🌪 that seem to happen daily and not to mention the hurricanes 💨 that can surprise us out of nowhere...or maybe we should just call those tidal waves 🌊 🤔. I'm sure you get what I am saying, right?

kids playing, teepee, pretend play

So how do you embrace this craziness without loosing your shit everyday? Good question. I'm no expert, and while we don't have all of the answers I do think we've got a small handle on this for the moment. We've decided to let things go. Yes, let some of the things like constantly picking up toys or the need for our house to always look perfect. We've actually moved the boys teepee into our living space to help with this embracing movement.

The more we are involved in the craziness of these two and enjoying the moments the less we are feeling like losing our sanity. Life with two is crazy and messy. But I couldn't imagine it any other way. Please do share how you are embracing your season of life? We are always looking for more ways to live in the now!

much love-



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