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Day dates seem to be making their way into our life more often than any other form of date. And I'm not going to lie, I kinda love them. It gives M and me time just to ourselves, which is always a good thing. And the best part is I am not always soooo f-ing tired! I know I know being tired comes with being a parent but sometimes it's just nice to not feel tired when we are out together. Our day dates range from all sorts of things, so I put together a short list to help you get an idea of what we do.

  1. Eat out for lunch: I know this one's kind of obvious for a day date but I had to put it down. We love going out to eat and going out without children can be pretty amazing! You can actually sit and have a conversation without having to do something else five times before the conversation is over.
  2. Happy hour: This is perfect when M has an early day home from work or better yet the day off! I love just sitting and talking during happy hour (and the deals are always an added bonus).
  3. Drop the boys off and do things at home: Yeah, that might sound lame for a date. But I swear just working on things at home can be therapeutic. Just a few weeks ago we reorganized our pantry on a day date and it's been life changing!
  4. Walk around town: Walking with M is always fun. He sees things differently than I do. I love walking around our hood checking out other people's homes and getting inspiration as to what we want to do next!
  5. Explore new places: This is always a fun one, although I find we really need to plan this out. Anytime we can do something new together I feel like it just helps our bond, and that's always a good thing!

Happy Monday!

much love-



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