Motherhood is one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever been on. Yet with the reward comes the challenge. There are moments of ups and downs as with anything in life, and although I wouldn't change this journey for anything in the world there are differently moments that push me to my limits. Bedtime is one of those times. I love the routine of bed time but not every night runs smoothly and sometimes I am just so tired! So to help me get through I've created a list of things about bedtime I am going to miss...someday! As I lay down with my boys each night (or every other when it works out with my husband) I'm reminded to enjoy the moment. Because sooner than later I know these moments are going to be gone. Here's my list for you to enjoy and hopefully help with bedtime at your house

reasons to love bedtime with kids
  1. Lay with me mama - Yes, actually get into the bed and lay down until he falls asleep. And of course there are many nights I fall asleep there too...never planned. But laying there and listening to his sweet breath makes my heart melt.And as we say in our house, when he's 21 he won't want to do this!
  2. Is it your night? - Yes, sweet child it's always my night when you ask! We try hard to rotate bedtime in our house but let's be honest, that just doesn't always work out and there will be a time that he doesn't want it to be my night. 
  3. Let's snuggle - I know I'm tired at bed time but snuggles should always be a good idea! Make time for those snuggles.
  4. One more book - My eyes hurt to keep open but reading to my dude is something this mama will always do. Just pick a short one for the last one!
  5. Can I have some water? - The thought of getting up after laying down can be almost impossible. But remembering that there will come a day that he won't want my help for anything makes it a little easier!
  6. Can I get in the nook - At our house the nook is inside our arms snuggled real close. It's a special place I always want my boys to be, as does my husband!

happy bedtime mama!

much love-


toddlers sleeping
bedtime with toddlers