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I'm that mom...have you been her too? Sometimes it's just nice to know we aren't alone on this crazy, wonderful, changeling, ever changing journey of motherhood and that we have all been there, can relate, support and try our damndest to not mom shame each other. We all have good days and bad days. We are by no means perfect and trying with all our heart to do this job to the best of our ability everyday. So here we go ladies - 6 mommy moments this mama isn't so proud of. I'd love to hear yours too!

  1. eat something off the floor: I swear it wasn't that dirty!
  2. bribe to get through the store: Bribes are my best friend, let's talk more about this later!
  3. cry when no ones looking: Yes in the middle of the day when no one is awake, this mama has sobbed. sometimes being a mama is just plain hard!
  4. yelled when I should have just stayed calm: Toddlers sure know what it takes to get under your skin. You'd think after teaching for so long I could just let it slide off like I do in my classroom...there's just something different about it all.
  5. spent too much time on social media: You know it's bad when your battery dies and so does that battery pack...not good adulting going on over here!
  6. let him stay up too late because I'm just too tired for the bedtime routine: I know it's a bad idea...I know...but sometimes I just want to sit and relax.

Tell me I'm not alone mamas. Maybe you're not guilty of all these. Maybe you've got some different mommy moments you're not so proud of. I feel you girl, we aren't perfect...just trying our best! Please share your moments in the comments section so we can keep the support 

Happy Monday Mama!

much love-



green vest with black and white striped dress and booties outfit