holiday ornaments out of toddler reach

I love every part of the holidays: the cooking, the shopping, the smells, the decorating & decorating & decorating...ok, so I'm a little obsessed with decorating. I'm not gonna lie, I have too many boxes to count. This will be our second official year as home owners during the holiday season. But with Zig being over a year now I'm feeling like this year is really our first year...as last year I was still in the newborn haze😉😴

Holiday Pillows

So this year we pulled out the boxes a little early and got started with our decorating. Of course my brain seemed to have forgotten what it's like to have a new toddler/walking baby in our house at the holidays! Man do they like to grab at everything! Here's a few tips I've got for you & your little grabbers 🙈

  1. push everything back: when we decorate areas we know he can reach we always push everything just a little further back.
  2. height is a good thing: for those items that we don't want our little dudes to get their hands on we make sure to place those ones up heigh.
  3. felt is good: we love the idea of our boys being a part of holiday decorating so we made a felt tree that they can take on and off all day and night!
  4. hands on isn't always a bad idea: Since the tree is always a hot item to grab at we always place kid friendly ornaments on the bottom half.
  5. lights are always fun: if it were up to me we'd have lights everywhere 😬Michael keeps up bright & classy. Our tree this year does have 1,200 lights on it🙌

Happy holiday decorating from us to you!

much love-



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