backpack the perfect bag

Since having my second little dude I have been hunting for the perfect bag. The one that I can keep with me without having to continue to put down or switch arms or even reload and unload because I just get so much sh*t inside of it that I can't find anything 🙈. I know I have serious problems. Plus with having two little ones I need both my hands more often than not.  

I've finally found the answer to my bag hunt: a backpack! It's been amazing. So I've put together a short list of things you should look for when hunting for the perfect bag.

  1. Style: I feel like this should go without saying, but you've got to feel the style of the purse. For my current situation in life a backpack is just what I need and this style fits me.
  2. Color: For an everyday purse you want to go with a neutral color. 
  3. Size: Know what you're going to be lugging with you daily - diapers, wipes, sunnies, lipstick, phone - you know, your basics😬. And make sure your purse can fit all of these things and a little more.
  4. Usage: Practicality...everyone needs a purse that is practical for their season. Right now carrying tote, shoulder, or cross body would just not fit my daily life.
  5. Compartments: I'm a huge fan of compartments. Not all over the bag but hidden ones that work just right for keys, phone, lipstick and small toys. The things I need to find right away and then having one larger compartment to house everything else I feel necessary to lug around with me!

Happy shopping!

much love-



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