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I am one of those people who loves to talk! I'm pretty sure if walls could talk I'd talk to them too...ok maybe not really! But I do love connecting with people and catching up on life. However, since having children my love for chatting it up on the phone has drastically changed. I swear every single time I get on the phone my children immediately need me. Or something life changing has happened and I need to be available. So as much as I love to chat, let's be realistic, texting just works better & here are my 5 reasons why I would rather you text me!

  1. You'll never be able to hear me: no matter what is going on in this house the second I get on the phone someone needs me and they need me right then!  
  2. I respond faster: I can read your text, watch what both boys are doing & almost respond without looking at the keyboard.
  3. I don't have to give you my undivided attention: after I wrote that I realized it sounds pretty awful but I'm being truthful. I can re-read what you text me...if we're actually chatting I'm sure me asking you to repeat that again gets old!
  4. This is my season of life: I'm loving being a mom but carrying on an actually phone conversation with two little dudes just isn't happening right now!
  5. It's quiet: I love you and all but it's almost never quiet in this house...so when it is I just like to enjoy it. I can text you without actually talking!

I know not texting is not as pretty and beautiful as a real conversation but this is our season of life right now & its a whole lot more realistic.

Happy Monday!

much love-