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I've had lots of questions lately about baby wearing. What I like? Are they worth the investment? What's the difference between the carriers? Let me start by saying I am by no means an expert on this topic. But, I do use my baby wearing carrier, wrap or sling every single day! With an active toddler and a newer little, this mama has to find ways to have both hands free to get anything done. I feel baby wearing helps continue to develop the bond between you and your child. Plus you are keeping them close and knowing where they are at at all times, extra bonus there! A study in Pediatrics found that wearing your infant 3 hours a day reduces infant crying by 43%!  And you can breast feed in two of these carriers. Yes, it takes a little practice but you can totally do it mama. The list of studies goes on and on of why baby wearing is where it's at. So let's talk about the 3 types I currently have: baby carrier, wrap & sling. I personally feel all three of these serve a purpose in our lifestyle and couldn't imagine not having each one.   

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We have the baby bjorn and have been very happy with our purchase. The one we have is from when E was born, and at the time it was their top of the line carrier. I love how easy it is to put on, and the additional back support you get from it. And the boys can face outwards once they have head control. The newer baby bjorns have a built in hip healthy carrying system that I secretly want to get! M likes to wear this one too! He finds it easy to get Z in and out on his own and he can still play with E.

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I own both the mopy and solly baby wrap. At first the wrap was very intimidating, because how on earth was I going to figure out how to wrap my new baby and make sure he was actually safe? Thank you YouTube! Gotta love the home personal training sessions you can search on there. I love wrapping my boys when they are fussy or just need to be held. I always feel like the wrap keeps them close and calm. Sometimes it takes them a few minutes to adjust to the wrap but they always settle in. When I'm going out I need to plan ahead to use the wrap because I personally don't love wrapping when I'm out and about. The wrap is so long that it's difficult for me to wrap without the fabric being on the floor. Like I said before there are lots of different ways you can wrap your babe and YouTube is a wonderful resource to find them. That is where I found the breastfeeding in the wrap tips and tricks! Between the two wraps I own I am much happier with my solly baby wrap. I love how light weight the fabric is, making it easy to wear all day without feeling like I am going to overheat. Plus you can layer sweatshirts, sweaters or even plaid shirts over the wrap and you seriously can't even tell you've got it on underneath. The wrap fabric is much thicker making it harder to wrap with and making this mama very hot. Although I used the mopy wrap religiously with E I haven't even taken it out of the box for Z. The plus with the mopy wrap is you can pick it up in almost any baby store and you can hip carry, which I might just get it out for. The solly baby you have to order online and you can only wear your little in the front.

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This is my newest addition to baby wearing and I so wish I had this one sooner! I absolutely love how easy and quick the sling is, not to mention the fabric on my sling is linen. Talk about light weight. I use my sling for in the moment wearing. When I realize I need to have both hands and someone needs to be held. It is easy to put on in the moment without having to worry about the fabric touching the ground. Since the weight limit is 35 pounds I can actually still hold E in the sling. I love that the sling can be worn on my hip, in front & on my back! Plus M wears this one.  There is just something about a guy wearing a baby that gets me every time! 

You can't go wrong with baby wearing!  Again, I personally recommend any of these for parents out there. Do you guys have favorite baby wearing products?  I'd love to hear about them too! Baby wearing is definitely my jam!

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three ways to wear your baby: sling, wrap & carry.