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Packing...UGH! The thought of packing gives me anxiety. Maybe some of you are way better than this mama, and I'll gladly accept any tips for it. For our crew I've found packing early and planning for everything works best. By all I mean the boys and me. M packs himself, you know white tees and the outfit he wore yesterday...just kidding M, kinda!

Ok but for real let's get back to packing for kids.  

  1. pre-plan outfits. You guys, this is seriously going to save your life. 
  2. pack extras. I always try to pack extra tops for my boys for every day we are gone. We all know kids are messy and we need to be prepared. Most days I pack a full outfit extra for Z, unless I know there is going to be a washer and dyer that we will be using.
  3. zip lock bags. Ok, I know this sounds weird but it has been life changing. Pack all outfits in zip lock bags. This way you can just pull them out without destroying your whole suitcase. I pack all extras in individual bags too but with E and Z together. Then I can just grab this for my bag when we are out and about.

happy packing!

much love-



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