fall one year old birthday party

I'm really not sure how this year went by so fast. I know I hear people say that all the time. But seriously you guys I feel like it was just yesterday I was enjoying little snuggles from a newborn and now I'm chasing him from one bad decision to the next😳 

Last week I planned to have Ziggy's birthday up here to share with everyone and all the rad things that went with it. But with family in town for the party and Halloween, that just didn't happen on our end. I needed some time to just be a mom and reflect on this past year and all the amazing people in our lives.

name balloons for a birthday

So now let's get down to how rad this party was! To start we decided on a themed party with zig zags as the design staple that carried throughout the party. Yes, Ziggy's initials are ZAG and we call him Zig for short! Perfect fit. A million thanks to the wonderful Kimberly from Small Moments who made all my design dreams come true!!!

We had Ziggy cupcakes, which I decided to zig zag and add cake toppers. The cake toppers were stickers that we put together with a toothpick between. Kimberly made us four different designs. She helped tie that into the cup stickers as well.

zigzag cupcakes
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black and white straws
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We wanted to the focus to be on Ziggy's 12 months of fun. So we had 12 month cards made with gold glitter effect (for me of course✨) and found a picture from each of Ziggy's first 12 months. We were not nearly as good with the month to month photos as with Enzo, guess that's a second time around problem. But we did have some really amazing shots of this kid over the last 12 months.

12 months of pictures for birthday party

Enzo needed to be a huge part of our party celebration as well. To make that happen we came up with an 'Enzo says' wall. I collected 12 quotes Enzo has said about Ziggy, and let me tell you, asking questions and getting responses from a 3 1/2 year old about his brother is not easy🙈 To make the wall more personal to Enzo since he clearly can't read yet we printed images of the two of them together from the last 12 months. This was such a fun way to see how they have both changed in a year. Plus Enzo felt special too😍!

big brother quotes for one year old birthday party

I also worked with the amazing team over at Gugu Guru. Thank you so much Monica and Olivia for helping me find custom products for my black/white/gold/zig-zag party and a baby registry. Gugu Guru isn't just for new babies either...they can help party plan as well! 🎉 Here is where we found Ziggy's cake topper, Bunting from Kiss Me Kate Studio. Yep this was a perfect match and I am totally reusing this bad boy! 

black and white smash birthday cake

We also found Ziggy's adorable one year old shirt from Lil Thredz Clothing and his baking shirt from Mitz because you know you can never have too many clothing options, especially when you love food like Zig does😆 

foodie birthday shirt

One more thing I can't forget to tell you is you can totally build the universal registry with Gugu Guru. Talk about time saving and life altering. Seriously you guys, we were kinda freakin' out about what to get Ziggy for his first birthday, because you know we might have gone a little overboard with Enzo's gifts and so Ziggy has like every toy out there...I know serious problems over here. Anyways the amazing crew as Gugu Guru helped me add first birthday gifts on my registry to make gift buying easier for other people.

So let me share with you two of my favorite gifts that I would never have thought of but totally love. The EZPZ, all in one silicone placemat I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! It's all kinds of free - BPA, BPS, PVC and Phthalate free. Plus, it's dishwasher safe and promotes safe feeding which is all kinds of fun. My little foodie loves it. 

foodie tray for toddler

So naturally when you've got a little one who loves food and is always wanting to feed himself you take lots of baths, or face wipe downs that pretty much turn into body wipe get the idea. Well we got this rad package from babyganics with literally everything I could need for a little foodie. I love that the soap is fragrant free and the bubbles are amazing. Plus we got a hand sanitizer for when we are out and about and soap just isn't an option! 

bath time fun
bubble baths

You guys ZIggy's birthday was a total blast and we are so glad we found all these amazing small businesses to work with. Again, a huge thanks to both Kimberly from Small Moments and Olivia and Monica from Gugu Guru because you all helped make this party extra special to remember!

much love-