I am thrilled to announce my newest feature on mom wife foodie: live local! Living local is something Michael (yup, we've officially graduated from 'M') and I try to do everywhere we go and everywhere we live. Supporting local, shopping local and eating local are all things we love to do. Nothing against national - or global - franchises, it's just not our personal preference. I wanted to share our love for local with all of you. On each of my live local features you will find local things we love. 

Today I am excited to introduce you to Small Moments! I am so glad I found Kimberly through the wonderful world of Instagram! She's a one stop graphic design shop! She offers services from apparel and invitations to prints and custom party items. What's not to love about this find?!? We are fortunate to feature Small Moments apparel with you. Many of Small Moments shirts are Detroit or Michigan inspired because Kimberly loves the city and state and wants to showcase this love through her work.  And all of her shirts are screen printed locally in Plymouth, MI!

Let's talk a little bit more about these graphic shirts that are so rad. Not only are they soft and comfy, they add a vibe to your wardrobe without you saying a thing...the t's do all the speaking. T-shirts are my jam and I love finding ones that speak to me. Kimberly's designs do just that. Michael and I wanted to showcase two ways to wear her collection. First, being for a night out...yup, a night out in t-shirts. I paired mine with an amazing sequin skirt because when you've got a shirt that speaks about sparkles a girl's got to sparkle! M is rocking his 'my hustle keeps me honest' tee under a blazer. Anyone that knows Michael knows this shirt is him to a T. Next we went with our favorite: denim and t-shirts that speak for themselves. 

I am so glad I had the chance to share Small Moments with all of you. Looking forward to continuing to share our live local experiences with each of you!

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