What's not to love about macrons. They are absolutely beautiful to look at with all the different color options...and the light sweet flavor you get when they're baked right is just absolutely out of this world. I love me some French food and French sweets are right up there on the top of my favorites.

While in Savannah, Michael and I had a chance to stop in and visit one of Georgia's finest, Macrché de Macrons. And we were fortunate enough to talk with both owner's Amy Shippy and Laura Hale for hours (no, seriously...they're awesome) and found out a little bit more about how they got started and what keeps them going day to day.

What a delightful conversation we had. Marché de Macrons started out on a soccer field! Yes, you read that right. Amy and Laura first started selling these delicious treats after making them for a cookie exchange. Everyone loved the sweet so much they figured why not see if they could give it a go. After just one soccer mom afternoon, these ladies had so many orders they knew they were on to something. Marché de Macrons was born from there. Today they sell products for weddings, corporate gifts and even online!
What I love most about these marcons is they are made in house from scratch. For the macaron shells they use almond flour, sugar and egg whites as their base. Depending on the macaron there can be additional add-ons. The centers of the marcon clearly varies on the flavor, which can range from fruit, butter, sugar, cooked eggs, chocolate, and nuts!  

So if you're ever in Savannah or Hilton Head make sure to stop by one of their adorable spots. You will surely be living local and supporting an amazing local business. 

much love-




Danielle Gutelli

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