It's finally here!!!

For the last six weeks you've followed us as we tackled the one room challenge! We are beyond excited to reveal our final master bedroom makeover for all of you! If you've missed any of the past 5 weeks, make sure you read these before checking out our final product! Ok, I know that is unlikely but once you see this you’re going to want to see how we got there!

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Now let's take a look at where this all started. A bright blue room (or purple if you ask Michael 😏) with little to no design. Floors that felt like you were walking directly on the sub-flooring or maybe no sub-flooring at all🙈 small molding and that ugly white fan. Not to mention the built-in that you pretty much needed to put on a sports bra to open up!

Here we are now!!! Can we talk about AMAZING🌟💖🚀

Let's be real here I could not be happier with how everything came together. From the paint and fabric choices to the lighting, rugs and accent pieces. And of course, the brand new bamboo wood flooring🌿🙌🏽. This room really feels like a master bedroom retreat that speaks to both our styles.

Paint choices were the first priority. We wanted to create a space that allowed versatility. Basically, have a neutral ambiance that would allow me to switch pillows and accent pieces to go with the seasons, my moods and of course the holidays. To help achieve this look our room is painted in Sherwin-Williams March Wind (SW 7768). I love how calm this shade makes me feel and it speaks oh so neutral! Our accent wall where our bed and nightstands are placed is painted in Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069) 🖤The dark gray color works well with all the natural light we have inside this room. I love how it almost reads as black…that is until you compare it to the black doors we have! All of our built-ins (the bay window and the dresser), baseboards, door casing and window casing are painted in Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White (SW 7757) If you want to learn more about how we chose these colors check our week 2 recap here!

Once we had the paint complete we moved on to hardware. Seeing how our built-in takes up a large part of the wall opposite our bed we knew we needed the hardware to make a statement. Giving our built-in some life that it was very much lacking. And because we had 22 drawer fronts that needed new hardware we had to be budget friendly. Knowing we wanted brass or french gold as our main metal color in the room made the choice easier. We landed on these drawer pulls and these 4 pieces from Anthropologie to give that extra wow factor!

Our nightstands needed an update to fit with the new vibe of our room. This was a quick fix. We simply sanded them down, add a light coat of flat white spray paint (which acted as a primer) and feather brushed with Sherwin-Williams Urbane Bronze in a satin finish to help give them a rustic look. We also changed out our hardware on the top drawers to these and refinished the hardware on the bottom drawers with the help of gold spray paint for the win✨

The flooring all came together like a dream come true!!! I am seriously obsessed with our choice, the color and feel. I wouldn’t change anything about them. I love how they are larger and darker planks from the flooring on our first floor yet still compliment each other very well! Read all about our flooring madness here!

Up next was lighting. We worked with Haven for all of our lighting, our rug and art work inside our space and couldn’t be happier with the way everything came together! When it came time to choose a chandelier we found one from Haven that we loved, but the color just didn’t work with our space. Here’s when more gold spray paint came to the rescue. Although this time I did lots of research to find the perfect gold color, yes there are lot and lots of choices out there. We landed on this spray paint and absolutely love how easy the paint went on with no drips. Our table lamps we fell in love with from the jump and we both love the height they give to our nightstands!

With a 16x16 room we knew we needed to have a rug that was big enough to fill the space and create that comfort vibe we were looking for. We found this one at Haven and let me tell you it feels as good as it looks! We also wanted to have a grand entrance into our master suite and the perfect way to do this was with a bold runner from Rugs USA. Talk about a perfect addition of black and white to create a true welcoming space!

Building a space that was warm and welcoming to us meant we need to have layers and layers of pillows! So that meant we needed fabric, and lots of it. We partnered with Kravet's for the window seat fabrics and Robert Allen for our bedding fabric and you guys I am seriously obsessing with how all the patterns are really making both areas pop!  When I found these two pillows (see them here and here) from tonic living I knew I just had to have them. The pillows worked perfect with our handmade bench from 28th and Chairs! This bench is AMAZE⚽️🏀⚾️🎾🎱 and fits perfectly in our space. Let’s talk about how it was made - the bench is constructed from rough sawn lumber for the seat and welded structural steel for the "X" base and finished with a mix of classic gray, golden oak and dark walnut stains to flow with the color scheme in our room, yet give that natural wood look! Rob powder coated the base in a flat black, then sealed with a satin finish to give the overall WOW factor to this stunning piece. 🙌🏽

No room is complete without accent pieces. For us that meant our shelves on the built-in, night stands and the two spaces next to our window seats. With each piece we picked we were looking for items that spoke to us, our style and vibe! Books were clearly the first choice 📚 we used them on all three areas! We love reading and books you can read more about our love here and here! Next we looked for art that fit us! This was fun because we went shopping in our house and found lots of pieces that we already loved which we could use. Greenery was an important addition as well. 🌿Every room needs some green in my opinion 💚We found these from Ikea and home goods! Our accent wall needed an extra layer of depth here’s where these mirrors came into play! I love how they’ve created just that for us.✨

Our room could not have come together without a tone of help. A huge thank you to my mom and dad for all their support and help with the renovation! Thank you Erica for all your design consulting I don’t think we could have FaceTimed enough! Thank you to our new local friends Martha at Haven, and Rob and Jen of 28th and Chairs. And thank you to all our sponsors who believed in us and were willing to take a leap of faith with us on this documented project! 

We hope you all enjoy our space as much as we do!

much love-