Since moving to Detroit people always ask us what we think of it compared to Chicago. Do we like it? What do we miss about the windy city? Are we glad we made the move? To answer all these questions; yes, we are glad we made the move, we can't compare the two cities because they are just so different and the thing we miss most about Chicago are all the food options! But with that being said, Detroit has seriously upped it's culinary game! I swear every time I turn around another new adventure is opening it's door. It truly is an exciting time to be in Motown!

I've become slightly obsessed with the grubbable app! Michael and I love how it tells us what food is local and naturally sourced. My list of 'need to try' grubbable restaurants seriously keeps growing you guys! I'm so happy I've partnered with them to show you some (hopefully) ridiculously awesome food here in Detroit🍴

Last week Michael and I had the opportunity to have a date night 🙌 (thank you mom & dad)! We've been wanting to venture around downtown Detroit more often, both with and without our kids. We both think it's important to live life as a family and balance that with time together just the two of us. 

Republic Tavern hosted us for an evening of fun. Both Michael and I have been wanting to dine here since they opened their doors in 2015. Not sure why it took us so long to get here because you guys this place is the 💣Michael and I absolutely love when restaurants have tasting menus. There is something about letting the chef create an experience full of what they feel is the best tasting food in the kitchen that night! Plus, everything we got was either natural or local all the way down to our cocktails and coffee, how rad is that?!?

Republic Tavern prides on the idea that "food and drink are a celebration shared with friends in a festive atmosphere; robust, surprising, delightful and accessible for all." Let me tell you they aren't missing the ball on any of this. The vibe inside was perfect for a date night out. We sat near the window facing the city skyline. 

Our evening adventure started with two local spirt cocktails both made with Valentine. Michael had A Well-Light Place made with Valentine Liberator Gin, benedictine, grapefruit, lime and rosemary vanilla, topped with cinnamon. I started with their Cher Che La Femme, made with Calentine Vodka, St. Germain, Creme de Violette, lemon, and sparkling rose, paired with an edible flower. Both drinks were a solid palette cleanser to start off with. Mine was light with crunch ice while Michael's had a strong citrus flavor that paired well with the rosemary and cinnamon. I'm not a huge gin drinker but I would definitely drink that again!

Republic Tavern's menu is broken into 4 sections: larder, garden, pasture and dessert. I am going to walk you through our dining experience, enjoy.

House Made Bread & Butter - Wow! Talk about all kinds of fun flavor with bread & butter. The house made bread changes daily, so I wouldn't count on getting the same bread we had. Chef Sarah Welch sent out sun-dried tomato bread topped with sweet crumble of cinnamon and sugar, paired with a sesame seed butter. The bread was light and airy. We both enjoyed the pairing of sun-dried tomatoes with the sweetness from the crumble. The butter was creamy with a subtle sesame flavoring. All the flavor profiles worked nicely together. 

Smoked Rainbow Trout - It came with a habanero jelly 🔥, dill cream cheese, pickles and black peeper bread. Let's talk layers, yes even with your food! This larder dish was perfect for layering. The crispy, crunchy bread to start then layer on the dill cream cheese, sweet pickles, meaty trout and top with the habanero jelly, you've got yourself one solid piece of bread to enjoy! The garnish with the trout played a nice roll not only with the color but the taste, too! Michael and I both enjoyed the dill in the dish, as we felt it brought out the flavor profiles of each element.

Roasted Carrots - These carrots came from a local farm in Monroe, Michigan! The carrots were lightly roosted and very crunchy, not something I could give Ziggy, our one year old. But definitely a crunch we enjoyed all the way through! The light roast brought out the sweetness in the carrots. The pickle celery had a crazy strong flavor but paired nicely with the char from the carrots and the dill from the pesto. We both enjoyed the candy cashews and the pesto for dipping! 

** We got a second round of drinks ** Daily Profit made with Valentine Bourbon, vanilla, allspice, lime and bitters and A Day In The Life made with Two James Bourbon, Creme de Cassis, lemon ginger, sage and angostura. We both loved our drinks. Michael's Daily Profit tasted like fall in a glass!  What's not to like about that?!? My A Day In The Life was smooth and citrusy with some slight ginger flavoring...and I loved it!

4-hour Lamb Stew - Let's talk about flavor, because this stews got all kinds going on. The local lamb legs were tender and delicious, pairing perfectly with the saltiness from the feta and the sun-dried tomato flavor pop. The creamy Israeli couscous provided the stew with a more delicate feel, leaving us full but not stuffed! 

Truffled Beef Tenderloin - Michael was crossing his fingers (and maybe even his toes) that we'd get to try this amazing dish. When it arrived at our table both our eyes and taste buds were pleased. The tenderloin was cooked to perfection and as I expected, it paired splendidly with the crunch from both the arred flowering bok choy and the toasted hazelnuts. Plus the creaminess from the white root puree was an enjoyable touch. And the burgundy truffles, yes they were AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I tasted a slight cognac flavoring with them...yum yum and yum. I'm still thinking about this dish. 

Chocolate Chestnut Tartlet - Wow! The chocolate which came from Dexter, Michigan was rich and decadent while the chestnut moose was light and creamy paired with the candy pear preserve and the touch of Maldon salt. You guys, Michael was seriously cracking me up when he described the dessert. He said, and I repeat, "if Ralph Lauren had a dinner party this would be served for dessert no doubt." It was that good! Clearly we know what Ralph serves at his parties...fancy goodness, and you can get that goodness right here in the D!

So the next time you need a night out, we would highly recommend Republic Tavern. And the best part is you can go back again and again for a new dining adventure with each outing.

This post was sponsored by Republic Tavern, in partnership with Grubbale. All opinions are my own.

Happy dinning 🍴

much love-



Danielle Gutelli

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