The more I learn about the importance of supporting local the more I become in love with this movement. And this city we call home. As you may know by now I've partnered with Grubbable, a company that prides itself on supporting local and eating with a purpose. I swear I feel like they are talking to about good marketingšŸ˜‰ My latest adventure out with grubbable was to a small diner in Detroit called Parks & Rec Diner. Talk about the perfect set up. I love how the vibe is a complete 1940s feel when the Detroit's actual Parks and Recreation Department was housed in the building.

So, about the food. Our morning started out with two coffees and a shot of espresso! You really can't go wrong there. Especially when it's local coffee! We then moved on to the House cured salmon plate, which is gluten free for those who are wondering. It came with thin sliced cured salmon, a šŸ”„habanero aioli, red onion and pink peppercorn. It was perfect for layering. 

Next we headed into a classic breakfast sandwhich: sausage, egg and cheese sammy. This was pretty much everything you are looking for in a breakfast sandwich. The biscuit was perfect and a kick of spice and a hint of sweet from the sausage...and I personally loved the touch of maple syrup. 

So now let's not forget the cinnamon roll. This is a special that Parks & Rec offers, and recently changed to something new and fresh on their menu. So if you're looking to try this goodness head on in. They are made to order and take about 15 minutes, but trust me, they are worth the wait. 

Happy diningšŸ“

much love,



Danielle Gutelli

Mom Wife Foodie, 396 Auburn Street, Plymouth, MI, 48170