What a time to be alive in Detroit! I know I might be a little bias since we live here but seriously, so many things are happening and I feel fortunate to be able to embrace the change that is coming to the city and all the fun new opportunities Detroit and Detroit Metro has to live local!

My latest partnership is with Grubbable, a company works with local restaurants who serve locally sourced and natural food. Through their app you can find what restaurants participate and what each of those restaurants showcase on their menu that is local and natural. Not only that, you also get a minimum of 10% on every entree you order each time you visit. Pretty rad, right?!?

This week Michael and I dined at La Feria, a Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Detroit. Michael and I honeymooned in Barcelona, so Spanish food clearly has a special place in our hearts. Since going to Spain we are constantly searching for authentic tapas, and yes, we are extremely particular. When we came across La Feria, it brought us right back to those tiny Barcelona streets! The only difference is we were dinning at 5:30 instead of 10:30 😉and we drove there! If you've been to Spain, you know how they eat.

What I love so much about tapas is the amount of food you get to taste and share without walking out so stuffed! La Feria has Local: Beer, Produce, & Spirits, Natural: Beef & Pork and Local & Natural: Chicken, all of which I found out from Grubbable! This made making our decisions easy!

I've broke down our meal into rounds (first, second and third). It was hard to pick a favorite round as everything we ate left me wanting to come back to Spain (I mean Detroit) for more 😍!!!

Round 1
Sangria La Feria - (pitcher, of course). You guys, this sangria is literally the closest tasting sangria to what we had as our favorite sangria in Barcelona. So to say it's authentic would be an understatement. You can't go wrong with this choice. 
Pan Con Tumaca & Sabor de España Charcuterie board - All kinds of goodness in this dish. When we were in Spain we learned quickly that 'tomato bread' was where it's at! Michael and I found this everywhere we went and seriously couldn't get enough. So when we found out that La Feria has a pan con tumaca we had to have it. They add their own twist with jamón to the top. The tomatoes pair perfectly Jamón Serrano, garlic infused olive oil and baguette. The sabor de España Charcuterie board is amazing. 

Round 2
Patatas Bravas & Steak with Red Pepper Sauce. Meat & potatoes, classic👊. The patatas bravas is a fried potato drizzled in a spicy tomato salsa topped with alioli. I love mixing the two together to create a delicious sauce and the potatoes make just the right crunch. La eria offers flat iron steak which you get to pair with choice of sauce: red bell pepper and garlic, blue cheese and shallots, or cracked black pepper and brandy. We went with the red bell pepper sauce and I am so glad we made that choice. First, because the sauce paired perfectly with the steak and second because we could dip anything else we wanted in it and that tasted amazing too!

Round 3
Chorizo & Berenjenas Fritas. We finished off our meal with something sweet & spicy! The berenjenas fritas need to be on your list to try. First, because this eggplant is so good & second the combination of eggplant and honey is ridiculously worth every bite. As you guys already know Michael and I love Chorizo so clearly we couldn't pass this one up. La Feria grills their pork-spanish paprika-wine sausage and it is fire🔥!

This time around Michael and I dined alone. I must say it was nice to have some adult conversation for once. But I know my crew would love every bite here too! 

This post was sponsored by La Faria, in partnership with Grubbale, but all opinions are my own.

Happy dinning 🍴

much love-




Danielle Gutelli

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