I am excited to share that starting now I will be reviewing restaurants we dine at on the last Friday of every month. With that being said, I thought why not start with a Detroit favorite: Green Dot Stables, located at 2200 West Lafayette, Detroit.

If you live near Detroit, visit Detroit or come anywhere near Detroit you need to try out Green Dot. This spot has a rad vibe that I can honestly say I've never experienced anywhere else. Everything on the menu ranges from $2 - $3. Yes, you just read that right...EVERYTHING on the menu is either $2 or $3. Let's talk about how you can totally enjoy your evening with a small investment in a crazy fun environment. Every week, the restaurant features a new special which they call their "mystery meat". They also have a mystery cocktail & beer to go along with it! 

The menu has ton of sliders to choose from. And I can promise that everyone in your party will find something they will like. Some of my personal favorites include: the black bean slider with a tomato slice and avocado sour cream, the fried bologna slider with Dearborn bologna topped with grilled onions, and the PB&J siders with creamy peanut butter paired cleverly with chipotle raspberry jam! Plus the sliders are tiny and inexpensive so you can completely try more than one and still have room for their amazing fries selection, a few sides and salads because they're doing those just right too. Don't worry I won't leave you hanging on what ones I love best: the truffle & herb fries are on point and if you're a poutine fan you need these too! My boys love the mac & cheese and the kale salad with quinoa, lemon & shallot always makes it's way to our table...I love how light the salad is and all of the ingredients pair perfectly together. 

And although there are only two dessert sliders you are not going to want to miss out on the playful fun of these unique treats! I mean come on, what a fun play on a smore - the Corktown Smore comes with cinnamon nutella and fluff. OF COURSE M's favorite treat is the Fluffer Nutter, which comes with fluff and peanut butter...simple and to the point!

Green Dot is definitely a family friendly place that's very inviting to our little dudes. But go knowing you could have a long wait! They don't have highchairs, but that didn't bother us as we just bring our attachable one. For a fun, inexpensive, family friendly dining experience in the D, Green Dot is where it's at!

Happy Friday Dining!

much love-



Danielle Gutelli

Mom Wife Foodie, 396 Auburn Street, Plymouth, MI, 48170