denim dress with booties

d outfit: dress : J Jill | booties : Sperrys
e outfit: shirt : gap kids | sweater : gap kids | denim : H&M | kicks : toms
z outfit: shirt : gap kids | sweatshirt : gap kids | denim : carters | moccasins : mini mocs

Whoever said dressing up little boys isn't any fun clearly didn't have little boys!  Or maybe they just didn't know where to start.  I'm loving dressing both my boys for any occasion, but with the small bunny holiday coming around the corner it only seems fit to share what we will be wearing.  

I love this dress for many reasons but the fact that it is nursing friendly and the perfect length top my list! Both my boys are rocking denim so we coordinate...duh!  Z has on a bunny sweatshirt that I seriously can't get enough of, while E is rocking an outfit I'm pretty sure M owns or would like to own!  

This year we'll be out of town for the holiday so we are celebrating a week early with my family and I'm sure the bunny will stop by wherever we are.  I've teamed up with 4 other moms and there littles to help you plan your holiday outfits too!  

Make sure to stop by and check out Gladys, Carly, Tiffani & Ellen to get their full outfit details!

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little dude outfit

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