Well it's March 1st. Sounds like a perfect time to start talking about 2017 goals right 🤔 Ok let's be real, I have been working on my 2017 goals Since December and you guys this is seriously a task. A task I don't mind doing but one that I feel truly deserves the time and attention it needs to help me achieve everything I strive for. As we moved into 2017 all my favorite blogs were flooded with their 2017 goals and how they were going to move forward as I was over here still staring at a blank sheet of paper, not knowing where to start. 😭It wasn't that I didn't have goals I was purely struggling with the fact of having to write them down and what I wanted them to actually be. 

Fast forward about a week after the new year and I've got some basic goals written on my once very plain paper. I broke them down into three sections: personal, family and mom wife foodie. I started with basic ideas of what I want to accomplish in 2017. An example for my personal goals - I want to spend more quality time with Michael, just the two of us. 

From here I sat thinking how do I actually make these things happen in my life. So I went ahead and broke them down a little bit more to make them measurable and obtainable, for all my educators out there I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this one🙈I can't help myself. In order to make a goal measurable I need to be able to chart the progress. So simply I need to be able to make sure I am moving in the right direction to reach my goal. With Michael that was easy we are going to work in date nights once a week. Nights where we aren't working or out doing work or talking about work. Nights where we are spending quality time tonight and that doesn't mean sitting in front of the tv watching a show. To make a date night a week happen in our life that means we will be doing plenty of them inside after the boys go to sleep. This is going to get fun to see how creative we can get. Stay tuned for some of our fun date night in ideas on here later! 

I also want to focus on staying on top of all my 2017 goals, and to help me Michael brought me a passion planner.  One of our good friends, Cat from Resource Girls (if you guys don't know her you totally need to check this chic out) told us how this really keeps her accountable and motivated. And OMG you guys she isn't lying. I have only been using this for a short time but I swear what is it about writing things down that just makes you so much more accountable. I'm not gonna lie...when I first sat down to use this thing I seriously felt lost as to what to write about my personal goals and work goals. Michael just kept encouraging me to just do it, write what I thought belonged in the spaces and it would all start to come together.

I encourage all of you to go out and tackle your goals. Join me on making 2017 a positive year and one that is productive and goal oriented for all of us!

much love,



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