All to often we get caught up in the thought process of 'we can't go there, we've got kids'. When M and I first had E we made it our goal to add him into our lifestyle, not change our lifestyle because we had a child. Sounds like a great idea, and it has truly worked for us. Of course things changed. We take longer to do things and stop to play at parks. And family travel looks a lot different. But when it comes to the day-to-day lifestyle and going out we have worked really hard to keep the boys exposed to what we do. 

We recently went to a charity event (at a bar) and brought both boys along. Z was wide eyed the entire time, taking it all in. But E wasn't too sure what to think. It was fun to show them more of the city and explain that we were there to help support a group of people who were collecting money to beautify another park for kids. 

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Danielle Gutelli

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