When we had E life changed a lot. M and I were constantly trying to figure out how we could manage to be parents and partners at the same time. Date nights became far and few between. It didn't help that we were living two states away from family and were first time parents. Although as we progressed as parents we got better at making time for us.  

Z came into the picture this past October and I can honestly say it has been a smooth transition compared to when E entered the world. I think lots of this has to do with the fact that we are already parents. We knew the importances of making time for us and thank goodness for my parents being a whole five minutes away!  

As we now settle into our fifth month as parents of two we have definitely learned more about ourselves and how our marriage functions best. Here's our top 3 things we have found must happen for us to have a solid bond.

  1. Communication: no matter how hard this can be we have to find time to talk to one another. For M and me this happens at dinner or after the boys are already asleep. We talk about anything from how our day was to things that are on our mind (good or bad).
  2. Making time for us: we need alone time. Time where the boys aren't around and we can spend it together. This can be a night out or a day in. Just as long as we have one-on-one time to ourselves.
  3. Team work: life with two no longer allows us to always double team. We've had to switch our strategy to man to man. At first this change was different but we've found that as long as we are on the same team and are working together life runs smother in our house.

I know life will continue to evolve and I look forward to the changes and adventures we have ahead.  

Enjoy your Wednesday!

much love-



Danielle Gutelli

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