After living in Chicago for a decade, moving back to the mitten was quite the change for us. We longed for a neighborhood where we could walk and still have the urban vibe without all the urban to it. Does that make sense?!? You know, we could do without all the violence, litter and challenging parking situations just to name a few. We were fortunate enough to fall in love with an adorable neighborhood just outside of Detroit that let's us walk downtown and has plenty of parks surrounding our neighborhood so the boys always have somewhere fun to play. It's by no means urban but it does have a quaint old town feel with a vibrant 'downtown' main street. One of the nice things about Detroit is there's practically no traffic, at least not when we are comparing it to what we came from. So heading downtown is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

As Detroit continues to come alive again so does it's neighborhoods. We have friends who recently bought in Indian Village...can we talk about stunning! These houses have absolutely surreal charm. M and I love to drive around the area and just take in the old charm of the city. As much as I fanaticize about living in an urban environment again, I think we'll stay put in our charming family friendly neighborhood!

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