I'm not gonna lie, I've been in a total fashion rut as of late. I don't know if it's because the weather has just been so yuck or the fact that I spend most of my days at home with my two little dudes. But I've found that I am seriously wearing the same 5 (ok maybe 6) outfits in rotation. And you guys I don't even love them that much. It's just been easy to put the same thing back on. So I've made it my mission to get myself out of this rut and into more stylish fashion forward items for what will soon be spring. At least a mama can hope! Here's how I'm working it.

  1. Pre plan all outfits: I know that sounds like work, but having my outfits picked out makes for crazy mornings with two littles running around so much easier to get ready.
  2. Pinterest: as if this is a new thing! But for real you guys I've started pinning like cray - for inspiration come pin with me here
  3. Change it up: If I wear leggings one day it's jeans the next. 
  4. Shower at night: I swear by this. It makes mornings so much easier and if you need to shower in the am to wake up, wash your hair the night before and put it in a bun wet. It cuts my hair time in half.
  5. Mixing it up: I love basics as I'm sure you already know. So I've been working on layering and adding color, textures and patterns to make each outfit unique and fun to wear.

I'm busy working on some fun new looks and as always new shops to share your way soon!

much love-