Creating that balance in life is something I think M and I work at literally everyday. How do we still feel like our own people, husband and wife, and not just parents? How to find time for each other? I wish I had an easy answer. Here are five ways we are working on finding balance in our lives.

  1. rotate: bed time can be an exhausting time in this house. Maybe it's because we are both so tired from the day. Or maybe it's just because we breed non sleepers...just kidding there! Or am I? Anyway, we have found that rotating nights for bed time helps us both. I feel rejuvenated once I've had a night off and truly enjoy bed time routines again! It's just that tiny bit of me time I get when M is putting the boys down.
  2. plan ahead: well like everything thing in our life we schedule that shit! We'd love to tell you we just make it happen on the fly, but anyone out there with kids knows that shit doesn't just happen. You've got to work at it. Scheduling time for us to go out is essential and truly makes us feel rejuvenated.
  3. embrace that you're a family: spend time as a family. We love doing family outings for pretty much everything! Just playing outside to family shopping to nights out together. Enjoying the joys of parenting is important to us both!
  4. talk and listen: Sometimes we both just need the other person to just be there to listen, not solve the problem. While other days we need to just talk at night or early morning when we aren't having a three year old in the conversation too!
  5. give and take: As much as we like to rotate with bed time and other activities with our boys we know that is not always a reality for us. Knowing that we are working together to find the balance for our lifestyle is important to remember, it's a give and take, not a let's keep score.

Wishing you and your loved one some balance too!

much love-



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