Recently I've noticed a growing trend in my wardrobe...I own a ridiculous amount of black clothing. At first glance I thought to myself, come on danielle, get it together and pick out some color. Add something here to spice things up. But then I started to think about my everyday life...craziness. Some days I am lucky if I even shower, let alone wash my hair and dry it. So let me be honest here...black is always a good option. Here's a few reasons it continues to work for me.

  1. Black hides unwanted stains. I know their are some parents or even clumsy people out there that can relate to this one! Gotta love black for that.
  2. Black on black makes everyone look good. It's slimming and easy to find in your closet.
  3. You can wear black two days in a row. Oh yes I just said that. Just make sure it doesn't smell😉
  4. Black pairs with everything. Yes, everything even navy and brown!
  5. You can dress black up and down without much effort. Add some fancy shoes or red lips to your basic black tee and your ready for a night out.

Happy Hump Day!

much love-



all black outfit // jumper & bomber jacket
all black fall outfit

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