I am sure like many of you I have a love hate relationship with the fitness. I absolutely love the way I feel when I do workout, but motivating myself to get to the gym can be a task! To help me stay on track I've created a list of why I should be working out... and I hope these can help you stay motivated too!

  1. It's healthy: everyone knows this. But the constant reminder is always a good one. Working out at least once a week is better than not at all in my book!
  2. I'm less tired: when I workout I find that I have more energy, and we all know as a mama you need all the energy that you can get!
  3. Strength: who doesn't want to be stronger. When I strength train I am able to carry these boys of mine around without feeling tired and worn out.
  4. Me time: I feel good about myself when I give myself personal time. Working out gives me time to focus on me.
  5. Look: when I workout I love the way my body looks and feels. It's the constant reminder that I am doing what's best for me.
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Every week we sit down and create a routine that will work for the week. M and I try to hit the gym at least 3 to 4 days a week. We pre-plan the days we are going and try not to beat ourselves up over missing a day. Life happens. But having a workout partner has been so helpful to keeping me motivated and on track. Looking forward to staying on this fitness track!

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