leggings & kimono: LuLaRoe c/o  |  top: GAP  |  necklace: dainty pear c/o  |  booties: Lucky Brand

I'm all about comfort when it comes to fashion. As much as I love to be dressed up and fancy, comfort matters. And if it isn't comfortable, you won't see it on me. Being at home with two boys all day I find myself choosing comfortable clothing - typically workout clothing or leggings - almost daily! I know...I've become that mom! So I figured why not run with it and show you guys how I am making my legging obsession work, and better yet how to make pattern leggings work with an outfit. I've made you a short list to help out!

  1. Selecting a pattern - When picking pattern leggings the most important thing to look at is the type of pattern. I personally find that large colorful patterns make my running legs look a whole lot larger then they actually are. For me, smaller patterns are this girl's best friend.
  2. Picking a color - Darker shades always work for slimming factors. I also like to add white with a darker shade (blue, black, gray). Bright colors can work when used in smaller patterns.
  3. Pairing the top to the bottom - Solids are always a good choice when pairing with a busier pant. But let's be honest, you all already knew that.  Since my leggings are dark I went with a white based stripe shirt! Stripes always seem to work when pairing. I also love to pair small patterns with bigger ones. If all else fails just wear chambray, black or white!
  4. Shoes that work - My go to legging shoe is a sneaker. But sometimes you just want to feel more dressed up! Today's look is with a bootie. The key is to have a little skin show! I also think flats would work perfect as we are moving into fall.
pattern leggings with strips, mixing patterns done right

The leggings and kimono I am wearing are both from LuLaRoe, a company that is out there to help support mamas! What's not to love about that?!? I had heard all kinds of goodness about their leggings, and when I found out they were one size fits all I needed to check them out for myself. In my mind I was trying to wrap my head around how can a legging be a one size fits all. I'm still not exactly sure on that one. But the legging does fit me, and let me tell you guys this the fabric is to die for! It's so silky smooth and soft and feels like butter on my skin. I love that I can actually pull the leggings up to create the ankle skin look I was talking about in the shoes that work, or pull them down to pair with sneakers! The kimono lays perfect and I can see it getting alot of use with fall right around the corner. I would love to see how their skirts look too! If you're hunting for a new legging to try I would for sure give these a try and let me know if they fit you this well too!

Check out the LuLaRoe collection here and use the code 'momwifefoodie' for $5 off your first order!

much love-


mixing print outfit
pattern leggings with stripe top outfit
printed leggings styled LulaRoe

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