Last weekend we got out and exploded more of our state, well really our city. Z promptly fell asleep on the car ride, while E pointed out everything he saw along the way. We stopped at a park near the train tracks thinking E would be all over the idea of the train near by. He quickly reminded us that we don't go near train tracks, they are dangerous! Glad to know he is listening. Within 3 minutes of exploring the area E found a snake. So we spent the next 15 looking for him after he slithered away.

The spring weather is a trip up here! In the morning it's chilly, and by the afternoon we're hot! That's why denim/chambray is the perfect item for us right now! It gives you the warmth you need without wearing a sweater or sweatshirt and the best part is you can mix and match all shades together! I love mixing denim together and the fact that you can just tie these bad boys around your waist and look chic is a major bonus! Hey (insert girl emoji with her hand up to the side) this mama is in love. 

much love-



denim on denim outfit
denim on denim with your little dude
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