This seems to be a topic everyone wants to talk about when they have a baby in a crib...yet once that little one changes to a big bed the talking stops. So let's do it!  Let's talk about what happens once you've got sleeping down and you go and make a change. Well in our house here's what happens...E can get up!  And get up is exactly what he likes to do.  As we've worked
through the bed time routine of getting up 20 times before actually falling asleep, we are still waking up sometimes in the middle of the night.

M and I feel strongly that our job as parents is to make sure our boys feel safe. For us that means they've got to feel safe even in the middle of the night when we are tired and want to sleep too. So, while we continue to work through the middle of the night wake-ups we are working together at parenting during the night. Here are a few tips that work best for us.

  1. Stay calm. Even when your little won't stop crying or is laying on the floor refusing to get into bed. Getting upset only makes the situation worse.
  2. Cuddles. Nighttime cuddles do wonders. At our house we call it getting into the nook! There is just something soothing about feeling mama or dada close by to help put your little back to sleep.
  3. Sleep. Night time is for sleeping. So, however that's going to happen that night, make it happen. We are all better parents when we've got sleep.

much love & extra sleep,



3 ways to parent at night

Danielle Gutelli

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